The Visceral Tournament in Dublin

Match II

Semi-Finals Match II

Match: Semi-Finals II
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Players: #022 (red) vs #023 (green)
Results: Although the resulting films were not definitive, player #023 was determined to be the winner.

Blood Wars players for Match II

Meet the Players

Player #022 (red). Yes, he is another young hetero white man — and an aristocrat to boot. A real blue blood. In the world outside the dish Player #022 wields the social power. But we’re not in Petri anymore. Now, don’t let your guard down. This universe of blood and vials and incubators may not recognize and defer to the blue bloods the way institutions made of brick and stone do. But Player #022 still wants to win; and that gives his blue blood cells the kick they need to conquer and vanquish other contestants.

Player #023 (green) grew up in the favelas of Rio and this mass exposure to pathogens has left her with seemingly unstoppable macrophages. Coupled with her fervent devotion to a little known religion, flying spaghetti monster, player 023 is a serene pastafarian player, mentally and physically prepared for any challenge. She prays to her god while her mighty macrophages maraud opponents' cells and plasma. Her one vice is her love of dipping her fries in her McFlurry, leading some so-called experts to question her ability to keep her blood clean in the long run.