The Visceral Tournament in Dublin

Match I

Semi-Finals Match I

Match: Semi-Finals I
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Players: #020 (green) vs #021 (red)
Results: Green Winner — #020

Two vials of blood

Meet the Players

Player #020 (green). No one knows. Age? Last rumored to be 120. Gender? Unknown and unfathomable. 020 might not even be human — after all, our ageless/beyond human/beyond the gender binary blood warrior of mystery has only ever been seen eating cat food. 020 says, "There is no good" before a match. After battles opponents sometimes end up questioning it all, asking, "What is the meaning of blood anyway?"

Player #021 (red) is a future evolutionist believing and worshiping in process itself. She eschews seemingly immutable existing labels of sexuality and instead favors the flow of and in all things. Her blood is rich with Awesomeness A021; it can and has KO'd some hardy blood cells before you can say red cell white cell 1 2 3. Her one weakness might be cheese.