The Visceral Tournament in Dublin

Dublin Victory Match

Victory Match

Match: Victory Match
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Players: #023 (red) vs #020 (red)
Results: The Dublin Victory goes to Player #020!

Winner's Blood

No Commentary

Meet the Players
Player # 020 (green). TOURNAMENT WINNER! No one knows. Age? Last rumored to be 120. Gender? Unknown and unfathomable. 020 might not even be human — after all, our ageless/beyond human/beyond the gender binary blood warrior of mystery has only ever been seen eating cat food. 020 says, "There is no good" before a match. After battles opponents sometimes end up questioning it all, asking, "What is the meaning of blood anyway?

Player # 023 (red) grew up in the favelas of Rio and this mass exposure to pathogens has left her with seemingly unstoppable macrophages. Coupled with her fervent devotion to a little known religion, flying spaghetti monster, player 023 is a serene pastafarian player, mentally and physically prepared for any challenge. She prays to her god while her mighty macrophages maraud opponents' cells and plasma. Her one vice is her love of dipping her fries in her McFlurry, leading some so-called experts to question her ability to keep her blood clean in the long run.