Prototype Matches in Australia

Prototype 18 Aug

Prototype Match 18 Aug

Match: 18 Aug, 2010
Location: UWA, Perth, Australia
Players: #14 (red) and #3 (green)
Results: Mutual death – No winner


Kathy: What do you think?

Luis: I think they kill each other. The red seems to be a little bit stronger in killing, but eventually they kill each other. The very bright colors disappear, meaning that the membrane opens up and the dye gets out of the cells. So I think they kill each other somehow.

Kathy: So it’s not suicide, it’s murder?

Luis: Well, the ways of dying includes moments of suicide because when one cell kills another also means that you can do it though the activation of suicidal processes. When one cell kills another means that one cell trigger something on the other cell…that cell starts to commit suicide quite often.

Is not that easy to kill a cell, because somehow a cell also defends itself from been killed. So often the process is a combination of killing and suicide. Something is trigger on a cell so the cell commits suicide, and may be there are in addition some killing mechanisms involve.

In this case, I think they kill each other because they are equally strong in killing and they are not able to protect their selves.

Meet the Players

Player #014 is "le tired." This may be because he is feeling his Viking ancestors in his blood -- their feats of might and muscle imprinted on his cells. He revives himself with his favorite food: pickled herring, which he consumes right before battle. Opponents may be surprised when the Viking in him rises suddenly to deliver an ax like blow.

Many opponents have underestimated Player #003 as just another bleeding heart liberal. But the herpes simplex virus that swims in her blood is clever and resilient. Opponents won’t ever be able to extinguish it, but must corral and contain the virus to emerge triumphant.