Prototype Matches in Australia

Prototype 16 Aug

Prototype Match 16 August

Match: 16 August, 2010
Location: UWA, Perth, Australia
Players: 005 (red) vs 012 (green)
Results: Red Winner — 005


Luis: There are a lot of the smaller red blood cells here (the little red dots). And the little dark ones are the platelets.

Besides that, I think there is not much happening here, but let’s wait.
The density of cells here is quite low, so there is less chances to get in contact to each other.

Kathy: I think this is the video where we saw the reds winning…

L: Look at these cells here (pointing to the screens’ left upper corner).
This cell was much brighter at the beginning and was killed by these other two cells (reds!). Now see how one red is dying as well. The other red still alive.

K: It seems that there is more red left…

L: Yes, in this case there are more reds left, indeed. But also here it might be because we have some red blood cells.

(Pointing the bottom of the screen) This one here is still bright and is double positive, which means there must been some exchange of dye.

All the green have disappeared, so the green died, red are stronger.

However, there were more red cells from the beginning anyways. That is very important, as for a real war, when you have cells put together and one population is denser, they will kill the other because they are more! It’s just a matter of ratio, of numbers.

K: They have advantage over the other population, right? So, it might be useful to do a cell count before start?

L: Well, the problem is that the cell count alone does not tell you how potent are the cells in killing because also depends on subpopulations of cells. There are very strong killer cells, and not everybody has the same amount of those strong killer cells. There are basically two populations of cells in humans, with high number and low number of natural killer cells...which is probably genetically defined. So, if you have blood from a person with high number of killer cells, then that would be very active in killing.

In this case I think the greens were killed.

Meet the Players

The force is always with Player 005. As a devout Jedi, he brings to the battle his ability to use the power of his mind to charge his blood cells with the force. When he trains his mind on his blood cells with laser precision, it is nearly impossible to beat him back.

Stricken with malaria almost 20 years ago, Player 012 became a fighter and survivor. He lives by the motto: Live and let live (except for bastards)!  When he’s not enjoying Korean tofu hot pot 012 might be trouncing your white blood cells with a calligraphy brush tucked up his ass.