Prototype Matches in Australia

Prototype 13 Aug

Prototype Match 13 August

Match: 13 August, 2010
Location: UWA, Perth, Australia
Players: 007 (red) vs 008 (green)
Another Tie — No Clear Winner — Exchanged Colors


Luis: Here you have a high density of cells, and I think right from the beginning they start to exchange dye because there are more yellowish cells. They are still bright so are exchanging colors. They are entering in contact with each other, may be there is some killing going on…but I’m not quite sure.

Kathy: So this is the moment when we said that they are like kissing each other…

L: Well, yes because there is not much killing since they are still bright. They are something in between red and green, depending on how much color they have exchanged.

The very smalls one are the blood platelets.

In this video there is not a big change from the beginning to the end. They remain there… they just exchange color; although the quality of the video is not great. Here the focus is not perfect; there must be something with the optics.

Meet the Players

Player 007 crushes rose-colored glasses and makes sure the glass is always half empty. In the age of positive thinking he outmaneuvers opponents with crafty cynicism that courses through his blood, his leukocytes constantly vigilant and prepared with a plan for the worst scenario.

Player 008 was spotted eating sushi once, causing a scandal, as he likes to introduce himself as a proletariat. Would a self-respecting proletariat eat sushi? His self-identification as Transylvanian raises brows as well. He says little, preferring to let his blood (work) speak for itself.