Prototype Matches in Australia

Prototype 12 Aug

Prototype Match 12 August

Match: 12 August, 2010
Location: UWA, Perth, Australia
Players: 011 (red) vs 001 (green)
Results: Red Winner (by a slight margin) — 011


Luis: In this video it seems there are not many green cells and they seem to be killed very quickly by the red. And then you get a kind of green background everywhere. Maybe that is why you get this blurry wash, which is not clear. But it seems that the red cells also die eventually, so may be they kill each other somehow. Can we start again from the beginning?

(Same video from the beginning again) Yes, the greens seem to be killed by the red. They tried to survive but they are not able. But also the red they die. I don’t know whether they kill each other or commit suicide. So both are dying.

This is what I would expect, that they kill each other. They have some protective measures but it doesn’t always work well.

Meet the Players

Player 011 Feminist. Post-colonialist. Queer. She isn’t afraid to take on the powers that be. Or you. Sometimes depression gets the best of her and she must go off the grid to regroup, but beware: her powers are at her peak upon return.

Player 001 is afflicted by a need to pet a dog or roam the Internet searching for cartoons and images of dogs, talking and thinking and feeling as humans do. When she is not struggling with this rare disease, known as Pavlov’s Dilemma, she can be found buried in the Sunday Times or US Magazine. Because of these illnesses, 001 can have difficulty focusing during matches, suffering instead from withdrawal from canine humor and celebrity gossip. But sometimes these distractions can be sources of inspiration and she has been known to reward herself for reaching goals during training with a fresh magazine or a dog show.