Prototype Matches in Australia

Prototype 11 Aug

Prototype Match 11 August

Match: 11 August, 2010
Location: UWA, Perth, Australia
Players: 006 (red) vs 009 (green)
Results: Red Winner — 006


Luis: Can we start again the video?

This seems to be a very strong cell (pointing to the a big red cell). Then, we see a green cell coming close…Yes! They enter in contact and we see that there is exchange of material because the red become more yellowish and then the green has died. The red has killed the green!! Although, the red has also taken some of the green dye (because of its new yellowish color) but still very alive.

At the beginning we can see much more green cells but somehow they die, they were not happy here.

Kathy: So the red really won.

L: I think the cell there in the center is almost the only cell that is surviving. You see they were much brighter in the beginning?

Meet the Players

Player 006 might be the only living superhero on earth. Secret weapon: chutney. It fuels and bolsters her white blood cells, helping her defeat opponents with sticky tangy strength!

Player 009 fortifies and nourishes with frites, mushroom risotto, pancetta, and chocolate croissants. Her blood runs a little thick some days from these rich foods.  he is incapable of “seeing black or white” and does not particularly enjoy the binary of winner and loser. Sometimes she disregards results at the end of a match due to her “very grey” political leanings.