Prototype Matches in Australia

Prototype 05 Aug

Prototype Match 05 August

Match: 05 August, 2010
Location: UWA, Perth, Australia
Players: 008 (red) vs 002 (green)
Results: Film No Good — Default


Luis: Well, this is a nice video to just show the colors but it’s blurry and for me is hard to tell what is going on here.

Kathy: Its because the dye goes out of the cell, or is because of the microscope?

L: I don’t know it could be both.  Also it could be because the cells dry out.

K: So this is one that we can’t tell, because the green could just be from leakage, right?

L: Yes, I wouldn’t use this one. If you get a lot of dye out of the cells into the supernatent or it could also be from drying out – that may also be a reason why you get this strange kind of effect.

Meet the Players

Player 002 knows she is underestimated, the perpetual underdog.  The regular drawing of her blood to treat her hemochromatosis makes it easy to dismiss her.  She ignores the naysayers and keeps training hard between her treatments.  She believes: less (blood) is more.

Player 008 was spotted eating sushi once, causing a scandal, as he likes to introduce himself as a proletariat.  Would a self-respecting proletariat eat sushi?  His self-identification as Transylvanian raises brows as well.  He says little, preferring to let his blood (work) speak for itself.