Prototype Matches in Australia

Prototype 04 Aug

Prototype Match 04 August

Match: 04 August, 2010
Location: UWA, Perth, Australia
Players: 006 (red) vs 007 (green)
Results: Exchange of fluids—no clear winner


Luis: Oh, here the green cells seem to be very strong, but they are exchanging color. Yeah, I think they are exchanging color. Because they are still bright.

Here they are exchanging color because they are still bright.

(Go back) Very, very bright at the beginning, then, I think the greens are dying and then the red takes up all the dye. But not all of them, I think this big one was green and now is orange.

(Back from the beginning of the video) Yes, you see these two, they exchanged color, whereas others her are dying, they are killed. This one here is killed. Whereas, they are exchanging color. And they exchange colors—some exchange colors, and the red and the green become similar then, but some are dying as well. So there are several things going on there.

Meet the Players

Player 006 might be the only living superhero on earth. Secret weapon: chutney. It fuels and bolsters her white blood cells, helping her defeat opponents with sticky tangy strength!

Player 007 crushes rose-colored glasses and makes sure the glass is always half empty.  In the age of positive thinking he outmaneuvers opponents with crafty cynicism that courses through his blood, his leukocytes constantly vigilant and prepared with a plan for the worst scenario.