Welcome to Blood Wars

Blood Wars is as a real tournament between different individual’s white blood cells as they vie for dominance in the petri dish. Using human blood samples, drawn by professional phlebotomists, Blood Wars creates series of battles, where the cellular ‘winner’ of each match will go on to fight the next participant. Blood Wars engages in blood duels – and the resulting data and histories about the cell winners will be collected and posted on this website.

While looking into the processes of immune cell engagement, cell staining, time-lapse microscopy and laboratory protocol, Blood Wars proposes a unique platform for the understanding of the physiological functioning of the circulatory and immune systems, in states of both health and disease.

Nonetheless, by conducting different blood dueling, the Blood Wars project is an artistic attempt to question some traditional ideas of racial superiority, kinship, blood-letting, competition, dominance and the very tropes used in linking blood to sacrifice, vampires and blue bloods. For us, this uncommon encounter between two human’s cells is, above all, an effort to demystify irrational and discriminative notions associated with blood.

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